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A Business Owner’s Secret Weapon: Introducing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS)

Running a business comes with its fair share of challenges. Imagine having a secret weapon that can tackle those challenges head-on and propel your business to new heights. This secret weapon is the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), a game-changing business model developed by visionary entrepreneur Gino Wickman. With EOS, you'll have the tools and strategies you need to maximize your business's potential and say goodbye to guesswork. Get ready for a whole new level of success with EOS.

At Bridgewater Bank, we implemented EOS and its Strong in Six program in 2010, and the results have been nothing short of incredible. From fostering discipline and accountability to enhancing culture and leadership, EOS has revolutionized our business structure. We firmly believe it can do the same for your business too!

Here's a glimpse into how each lens of EOS's Strong in Six Program has propelled Bridgewater forward since 2010:

1. Vision

A clear and compelling vision is the compass that guides a business toward success. At Bridgewater Bank, we've simplified our goals and defined our mission by translating our vision into actionable steps. Every member of our Bridgewater team is aware of where we need to go, and no one gets left behind.

2. People

Great people are the backbone of any successful business. We prioritize placing the right people in the right seats, ensuring that our team understands our goals, wants to achieve them, and has the capacity to do so.

Collaboration and support are at the heart of our culture at Bridgewater Bank. If anyone ever feels overwhelmed or unable to achieve their goals on time, they know they can lean on the other dedicated people at Bridgewater to help them.

3. Data

Have you heard that running a business on feelings won’t get you anywhere? In EOS, data takes the driver's seat. By focusing on trackable metrics and objective decision-making, we've built a solid foundation for success.

Everyone has a number they are responsible for, whether it is the number of leads generated, accounts opened, or views on our LinkedIn page. Knowing our numbers and setting measurable goals has led us to become a better bank.

4. Process

Success is achieved through accountability and consistent results. EOS has empowered our employees to take ownership of their tasks and track their progress, leading to consistency.

Everyone should be following a process, but this is especially important in banking. If you have a strong process, anyone should be able to step in and cover for someone else if needed. A strong and healthy process creates much less chaos.

5. Issues

No business is immune to challenges, but it's how you address them that sets you apart. At Bridgewater Bank, we encourage open and honest conversations, allowing everyone's voice to be heard. Speaking up about issues right away can prevent similar problems from surfacing in the future. When our team members know they can voice their concerns, they are empowered to find solutions that will move the Bank forward and help us be successful.

6. Traction

Achieving traction means executing what truly matters. At Bridgewater, we use EOS tools like rocks and scorecards to monitor progress and keep us on track toward our annual goals. We make sure that traction is used consistently and effectively across all departments. With consistency and effectiveness, traction becomes a natural part of our everyday operations.

Change can seem overwhelming at first, but it’s necessary for growth. When the Bank first adopted EOS in 2010, we never could have predicted how valuable and business-altering it would be. This powerful system has strengthened our unconventional culture and taken the Bank to new heights, benefiting both team members and clients. We believe it can do the same for your business!

As an EOS company for the past thirteen years and counting, Bridgewater uniquely understands how to support clients and entrepreneurs who use EOS as well. If your business fits that profile, we may be a great match for you!