Commercial Deposits

When it comes to entrepreneurs – it takes one to know one.

No long lines, no automated messages and simple business products. Welcome to a new entrepreneurial experience in commercial banking. Manage your finances and watch your money grow with commercial deposit accounts designed to meet your unique needs.


Entrepreneur Business Checking

A convenient checking solution for accounts with low to moderate activity.
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Enterprise Business Checking

For businesses with moderate account activity.
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Not-For-Profit Checking

A simple account designed to meet the needs of small civic and nonprofit organizations.
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Premier Business Checking

A more complex account for high activity.
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Business Money Market

An interest-bearing account that allows up to six complimentary withdrawals per month.
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IntraFi® Network Deposits DDA-MMDA Offering

Why not work directly with Bridgewater to access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance on large deposits?
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