Not All Is Lost In Local Banking

Facts are facts.The local banks you’ve counted on for decades are on their way out just as fast as new, out-of-state banks are coming in. Simply peruse the list of the largest banks in the state and you’ll notice how few have true Minnesota roots. Although unfamiliarity looms, how we do business in this great state doesn’t have to change. Because not all is lost in local banking.

Everyone seems to think that there are no local banks left. But they’re just plain wrong. If your bank has already left or has plans to leave, you can still work with a local bank that knows this market and understands your unique needs.

So, what does it mean to bank local?

It means cutting out the bureaucracy and getting straight to the flexibility, responsive support and quick action you need to support your entrepreneurial or personal endeavors. It means working with a banker who understands the nuances of the Twin Cities market. It means working with someone with a get-it-done attitude because that’s what Minnesotans expect. It means putting your trust in those who are committed to our people, our entrepreneurs and our communities day in and day out. And at the end of the day, it means working with people who are just plain Minnesota nice.

To you, this might mean banking down the street at a 100-year-old family-owned institution. For some, it’s working with a start-up bank that was founded by local entrepreneurs for local entrepreneurs (humble brag). Regardless of your circumstances, you may have a choice to make. Simply put, we kindly ask you to keep it local.

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