Important ATM Access Update

MoneyPass ATM Network

We wish to inform you about a significant change regarding access to U.S. Bank ATMs through our complimentary ATM Network. Starting October 31st, 2023, U.S. Bank ATMs will no longer accept deposits and will impose withdrawal fees for non-U.S. Bank clients. This is due to a change on their end where they are no longer members of the MoneyPass® ATM Network, which Bridgewater is an active member. Below, you will find important updates regarding U.S. Bank ATMs, including information about deposits, mobile deposits, surcharges and where to find a MoneyPass ATM nearest you.

Please be assured that all other ATMs in the MoneyPass network remain available and are complimentary as part of your Bridgewater Bank experience. We apologize for the any inconvenience this may cause and are available to answer your questions at 952.893.6868 or [email protected].

How does this effect my deposits?

As of October 31, 2023, U.S. Bank ATMs no longer accept deposits as part of the network. However, you can make complimentary, secure deposits any time through alternative MoneyPass ATMs, as well as our mobile banking service. To learn more about mobile banking and download the application, please click here. Additionally and as always, we invite you to visit one of our branches where a dedicated team member can assist you with your banking needs.

How does this impact my withdrawals?

As a part of this change, using your Bridgewater Bank debit card at a U.S. Bank ATM will now incur a fee. You may continue to access all other ATMs as part of the MoneyPass ATM network without incurring any fees.

MoneyPass ATM Network and Locator

Bridgewater Bank is a proud member of the MoneyPass ATM Network, providing clients with convenient and local ATM access. You can easily make deposits and withdraw funds from a variety of ATMs conveniently located throughout the Twin Cities. For a full listing of Bridgewater-friendly ATMs available, visit the MoneyPass ATM Locator.

Thank You for Choosing Bridgewater Bank

In light of these changes, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to continue a seamless banking experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach our team at 952.893.6868 or [email protected] with any questions. Thank you for choosing Bridgewater Bank, it is our privilege to serve you.

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